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My name is Jenn

Once Upon a Time There Was a Little Girl Who Wanted to Change the World.

ME!  That “little” was ME!

How was I going to change the world?  What did I want to be when I grew up?

GOOD QUESTIONS, RIGHT???  The truth is, I had no idea.  But somehow, I knew I’d find the answers!

Sooooo…my personal journey to wellness began in my mom’s kitchen, when I cooked my first meal at age 9.  I experimented with different foods from the family garden, putting together my own tasty recipes. Some of them I wish I had patented, because a few years later some BIG NAME FOOD COMPANY came out with my version of cheddar broccoli…

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Welcome to Jaya’s latest online workout videos! Never miss a moment of your online yoga program with this collection of our newest videos. Each week, we add three new videos.

Hatha Yoga

Beginner Mat Workout

This class uses the classical Pilates mat exercises for a fun, challenging, and effective workout. You’ll sculpt a strong, long, and lean body. This class is great for all levels, with modifications for beginners or any injuries, and an intense and fast pace for those with more experience.

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Hatha Yoga

Bodiphy Sculpt

This will be a challenging full-body workout using Mini Bars by Body Bar. They made 2lb bars for the video and will make 2 lb bars customer order for consumers. I will recommend 2lbs for beginners and 4lbs for those who are intermediate to advanced. Body Bar will give a discount through the end of the year.

Instructor: Your Name Here

Hatha Yoga

Ultimate Core Workout

Ultimate core workout. This intermediate level workout will challenge your core “to the max”, with an added focus on flow and complex cues.

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Ashley Burns

“Working with X was one of the best decisions of my life. I bought their [name of program] and experienced [Y Results]. I don’t just look good, I feel great – like I have a new lease on life!”

Amanda Styles

Knows how to push me and got the best result, my whole body has changed. Now I'm suggesting my colleagues and friends to enroll into it for a fit life and balanced mind.